Saturday, April 10, 2010

Updating my blogger.

hi blogger,

I'm sorry that i wasnt able to update u because I dont have any time n holy week so I dont online la..Haiy,sejak kebelakang ni,my life wasnt dat happy la kan,bukan ja tidak happy but also moody,tired,stressful gara2 sibuk urus d skul.haiy.nway,I dnt have much people to talk with,my fren pun have his own world n I'm not sure kalau dia mc ok ka?just now I online with Zue,hehe funny she lepaking in her frens house but sempat lagi online.hehehhee..miss chatting with her dis malar la dia busy juga with her job n i understand her.Today was another boring day,i had my backpain! so far nothing happen,no outing just being a good gurl these past few weeks besides I myself dont feel like wana go out eventhough my classmates invited me.Its not that I dont want tapi kan my mood mcm malas to go out dis.I miss my MOM,SIsters and of course my hometown, O gosh! how i wish Its almost Christmas!!arghh...I miss KK Sabah food like malay food,chinese food,fast food.almost a year i didnt balik lor not la a year but I only stay in KK only for few weeks then I go back study so its like fly here fly there.Just to let u know that here punya food is far different from kk.Most of the food doesnt suit my appetite.hahaha..not choosy la..but lama2 i get use to it.duh?I've been here almost 3 years ok?hahaha...its just that I grown up in KK dats y i not biasa.hehehe.go back kk i must makan kk food. :) o ya,i miss also the air tebu,guava,mangga,lekor,ayam panggang,kelapa at the Tg Aru Beach oo..haiyo,here mana ada kan?lifestyle here mcm American style. :)thank God I'm able to learn how to be independat!tough but I have no choice.nway,thats all for now.If i have time or any events wana post I will update my,I think thats all for now.Take care n Peace out! :) anne.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Moments with these childrens

These pictures was taken when I visited to a school that is for all the poverty children.hehehehe..too much fun untill I dont wana go home. :) These kids was so amazing. I brought them foods for them to eat,games to play and gifts for them and of course my Love for them :).I was so impressed that eventhough they are poor but they were so inteligent in terms of their studies. They had so much fun and even their parents enjoyed the fun! :) When I gave them the gifts,all the kids surround me and they hug me tighly and I'm touched with that. :) I hope that there will be a second time n it will be the unforgetable moments. :)

Myself and Family :)

I cant seems to find the right words to describe you all know that no one is perfect in this world. I can only share about myself, family n so on.nah,whatever that comes out in my mind I will just jote it here. So,welcome to my world! :) O yeah,let me start by knowing who I am. I dont usually say my full name out loud cuz seriously I dont like my full name at all.hehe.. I wonder why but other people find it interesting n unique.DUH? Everyone address me by "ANNE".sounds better..hehehe. I'm the youngest daughter, just to let you know that I'm not a spoilbrat cuz that would be sucks rite?hehehe..well,it depends on the person on how they bring themselves.I was raised by my mother and my grandma..They are the my life n they brought me up really well as they taught me so much things in my life and they make me understand why my dad wasn't there for me.How I wish that I can meet him in person one day.Gods will.My mom is a housewife,kinda strict,BEAUTIFUL as ALWAYS,helpful,understanding and so on.My late grandma is a retired principal,widow,and has a lot of sons n daughters.I can't count it cuz they were so many. :) Moving on, I had a two sisters. The elder sister is a registered nurse and the second sister is still a student and soon graduating as a teacher n then the third will be ME. :) Moving on about myself, I love to help people, I dont judge others cuz I don't like to be judge. :) I easily get discourage but at the same time I learn from it.If I'm in a relationship,I can say that I'm super duper appreciate him and loyal at all times.REALLY!unfortunately Guys broke my least I learn from it.After I end up my high school life, I started to earn my own money n at the same time I gain experience.I started my first career at the KFC bandaran as a overall staff like cashier,back up cook,a cleaner and so on. It was so tiring but after it I manage to cope with my job. Then came my second job that is Front Office. :)Hey, it was fantastic job compared working in a fastfood. :) but the difference of it was working in a hotel can be also stressful and one thing I hate bout it was too much rumors,politics,jealuosy and banyak la happening but who cares? I'm just doing my job.If I say I work, I work so hard.Y shud I bothers on wat negatives that happen?kin tension jer..Although I had already resign from there, I will still bring all my sweet memories with me.hehehe..I think thats all from me. :) moving on for next event. :)