Saturday, April 10, 2010

Updating my blogger.

hi blogger,

I'm sorry that i wasnt able to update u because I dont have any time n holy week so I dont online la..Haiy,sejak kebelakang ni,my life wasnt dat happy la kan,bukan ja tidak happy but also moody,tired,stressful gara2 sibuk urus d skul.haiy.nway,I dnt have much people to talk with,my fren pun have his own world n I'm not sure kalau dia mc ok ka?just now I online with Zue,hehe funny she lepaking in her frens house but sempat lagi online.hehehhee..miss chatting with her dis malar la dia busy juga with her job n i understand her.Today was another boring day,i had my backpain! so far nothing happen,no outing just being a good gurl these past few weeks besides I myself dont feel like wana go out eventhough my classmates invited me.Its not that I dont want tapi kan my mood mcm malas to go out dis.I miss my MOM,SIsters and of course my hometown, O gosh! how i wish Its almost Christmas!!arghh...I miss KK Sabah food like malay food,chinese food,fast food.almost a year i didnt balik lor not la a year but I only stay in KK only for few weeks then I go back study so its like fly here fly there.Just to let u know that here punya food is far different from kk.Most of the food doesnt suit my appetite.hahaha..not choosy la..but lama2 i get use to it.duh?I've been here almost 3 years ok?hahaha...its just that I grown up in KK dats y i not biasa.hehehe.go back kk i must makan kk food. :) o ya,i miss also the air tebu,guava,mangga,lekor,ayam panggang,kelapa at the Tg Aru Beach oo..haiyo,here mana ada kan?lifestyle here mcm American style. :)thank God I'm able to learn how to be independat!tough but I have no choice.nway,thats all for now.If i have time or any events wana post I will update my,I think thats all for now.Take care n Peace out! :) anne.

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